Radiohead - Lotus Flower

So anyways, this is one of the songs that someone requested.
I give this song probably a 3 out of 5, the only thing I found wrong with it was the video. I just didn't like that the whole video was him jumping around and acting crazy, it got a little boring after 5 minutes or so of it. But  in general this was a pretty great song, I like the beat and the lyrics were amazing. I'm doing this English project where we have to take a poem or a song and analyze it to find out what each line might mean. If I had have known this song at that time, I probably would have chosen it for it's lyrics.


  1. I love radiohead, but I agree, the video is a tad off.

  2. Haha I recommended this! The dance is what makes it awesome, he is describing the lyrics in his dance.

  3. Radiohead...such a great band :D

  4. This is why I always felt music should be left to audio, not videos.

    Focus on the lyrics and sound, not the random shit artists put in their videos.